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Sat Feb 20 01:41:09 MSK 2010

Hi all,

i'm trying to serve my blog made with jekyll and nginx. The blog should be hosted at The problem is that all css, images and the posts are
available at /css , /images and /2010/01/18/blogpost.html so they refere to the although physically they are located at blog/...

Here you can see how it is stored on my server:

/var/www/blog$ ls
2008  css  images  index.html
xxx at xxx: /var/www/blog$ 

This is my nginx setup:

        location / {
                alias   /var/www/blog/;

        location /blog {
                root    /var/www;
                index   index.html index.htm;

So with this setup i can serve all pages but the problem is that if somebody access,
they will see the blog. This is not my expected behavior.

Could you please help me to set things up?

Thanks, Mike

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