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Explicitly purging the cache would not work in this scenario though.

Why is this not doable? I'm even considering adding support for this myself into Nginx, since we really need it and also since it seemed kind of natural?

This could of course be an optional feature, but it would be interesting to know what this breaks?


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> Hi Maxim,
> Thanks for the answer! Are there currently any plans to add support for this in the near future?
> Kind regards,
> Fredrik Widlund

It's not really doable as far as I understand things, at least not in
a general, portable way that satisfies all backends.

What you CAN do is you use ngx_cache_purge to have the backend inform
nginx when content has changed.  This is the only method that is
general enough for any backend, but it of course requires you to do

Good luck.

-- Merlin

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