HTTP-POST Upload Buffer - Nginx Loadbalancer

Malte Geierhos malte at
Thu Jun 3 22:03:26 MSD 2010

In either way you can try setting:

 proxy_buffering off;

in your location where you placed the proxy configuration.

kind regards,

Am 03.06.10 19:58, schrieb Mikhail Mazursky:
> 2010/6/3 Elena Zwetkow <ezwetkow at>:
>> Hello Nginx-List,
>> i need some help setting up my Nginx Loadbalancer. I use Nginx as Loadbalancer in front of 2 Webservers (running Nginx/PHP-FPM).
>> While uploading files with HTTP POST upload, these files are buffed (temporary storaged) on my loadbalancer, is there a way pushing those
>> files (filesize 500k - 5m) directly to the Backend-Servers to minimize
>> the load on the Loadbalancer?
>> Any hints are welcome.
>> Thanks for your help.
> Why are you using nginx in front of nginx? Use nginx in front of two
> backends with PHP-FPM. Or use haproxy, not nginx.

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