solved - was Re: glibc detected *** nginx: master process /usr/sbin/nginx: double free or corruption (out) -- what???

Ian Hobson ian at
Tue Jun 22 13:38:34 MSD 2010

On 22/06/2010 00:09, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> First option: Install the -dev packages for all of nginx's dependencies. An
> easy way to do this is "apt-get build-dep nginx" (as long as you have some
> deb-src entries in your sources.list).
Did that - and it recompiled just fine. I've not finished testing yet, 
but things are looking good so far.
phpmyadmin is working, and no crashes.

> Second option: It's highly unlikely that you're the first person to want the
> most up-to-date nginx for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS... surely someone has made some
> packages for you already? Ta-da!
Thanks Jeff. I need the long polling module, so I have to compile myself.

And thanks to everyone else who contributed. I leaned more about linux' 
This was only my second dive into compiling under linux.



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