Nginx and X-Accel-Redirect to serve Quicktime streaming prepared movies

Fernando Perez lists at
Wed Jun 23 01:47:17 MSD 2010

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Ok new test with ogg/theora this time.
> Here is my video: 

It works! Sorry I don't know what made it work, maybe a header problem 
which was not getting updated due to some caching? Maybe I forgot to 
restart nginx after adjusting its configuration? Anyway Nginx can stream 
ogg/theora videos and let the users seek inside the video!

I can't make it yet work with mp4 files (hmmm iphone), probably because 
the video is not properly encoded for being streamed to the web. I'll 
dig into that tomorrow: moov, fast-start, etc... all painful stuff to 
take care of.

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