Nginx startup scripts

Mark Rogers mark at
Thu Jun 24 19:34:33 MSD 2010

On 24/06/10 15:25, Igor Sysoev wrote:
> You can run "nginx -t" before applying configuration: it catches almost all
> possible errors except some fatal errors: no memory, files, etc.
> If you send -HUP signal to reconfigure and a new configuration is bad,
> then nginx continues to run with an old configuration, if no fatal
> errors will happen. SSL certificate without key case is not the fatal error.

I don't think I could have hoped for a better answer - thank you very much!

I note from the documentation that it is fairly simple to run multiple 
instances of nginx behind a proxy to allow different virtual hosts to be 
managed as different users (to prevent code on one site having 
read/write access to other sites). Is this the best way to achieve this, 
and if so how easy is it to set up? (Eg: do the startup scripts support 
it, similar to how MySQL's mysqld_multi startup script do?)

It looks like I will be setting up a test server to see how I can 
migrate my Apache configuration to ngigx. My existing virtual host is 
using Ubuntu 8.04, but this has only nginx_0.6.35. Ubuntu 10.04 only has 
nginx_0.7.65. I don't really want to roll my own (because I prefer to 
have a repository that I can trust to keep on top of security updates). 
So, what is the best way forward for me?

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