error in nginx-0.8.42: [emerg]: mkdir() "/usr/local/nginx/uwsgi_temp"failed

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Sat Jun 26 11:41:30 MSD 2010


> As Debian does not use /usr/local/nginx/, it seems that something
> named UWSGI is not following the file placing rules as it should.

uWSGI (uwsgi?) follows same rules as client_body/FastCGI/log/proxy paths. 
This means that starting with nginx-0.8.41 you should add 
"--http-uwsgi-temp-path" to the ./configure options and starting with 
nginx-0.8.42 you should also add "--http-scgi-temp-path".

Best regards,
Piotr Sikora < piotr.sikora at >

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