Optimizing worker_processes, worker_connections & PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN - Any Good Tutorial?

rahul286 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sun Jun 27 03:29:30 MSD 2010

Thanks All.
Moved to PHP-FPM and also removed (purged) unwanted php-extensions.

I am using php 5.3.2 and I read somewhere that pm = dynamic feature
should be used in PHP-FPM only if PHP > 5.3.3.

Should I wait , or go ahead with Reinis Rozitis settings...

> pm = dynamic
> pm.max_children = 70
> pm.start_servers = 20
> pm.min_spare_servers = 5
> pm.max_spare_servers = 20
> pm.max_requests = 1000

I am also thinking of using nginx fastcgi_cache

But started to feel I will be having too many cache levels after

nginx fastcgi_cache. apc, memcache and wordpress caching plugins.

Will they work all together smoothly or will become counter-productive?

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,

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