Lots of CLOSE_WAIT sockets, nginx+php (WordPress site)

Vicente Aguilar bisente at bisente.com
Wed Mar 3 16:29:07 MSK 2010


> I've tracked several different processes with sockets on CLOSE_WAIT on the debug log and the last line of all of them was accessing one of these fifos. I've tried requesting those files on a freshly restarted nginx and have reproduced the issue: each GET to one of the fifos always produced one or sometimes two CLOSE_WAIT sockets. So in the end it seems it had nothing to do with PHP.

I can confirm the problem was because of the FIFOs. I've had no CLOSE_WAIT sockets at all since last friday when I removed them, the weekend with nginx 0.6.32 and since monday morning with my patched 0.7.65.

Thanks to everyone who helped me debugging this, specially to Maxim.


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