proxy_pass to URL encoded path?

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Sat May 8 04:06:21 MSD 2010


I'm using proxy_pass in front of CouchDB, which has file paths which contain some URL encoded characters (e.g. http://couch:5984/images[b]%2F[/b]logo.gif)

I am trying to to replace some characters in requests to nginx with the URL-encoded equivalent:

http://localhost/images/logo.gif -> http://couch:5984/images[b]%2F[/b]logo.gif

My attempt was this:

rewrite  ^/images/(.*)$  /images%2F$1 break;

location ^~ /images {
       proxy_pass   http://couch:5984;

However, it looks like proxy_pass is double-encoding the % character, which results in the following CouchDB request:

'GET' /images[b]%252F[/b]logo.gif

How might I do the following rewrite?:

http://localhost/images/logo.gif -> http://couch:5984/images%2Flogo.gif


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