proxy_cache - how to change expires ?

Cédric Jeanneret cedric.jeanneret at
Thu May 13 11:51:37 MSD 2010


I'm using nginx as a proxy-cache for OSM tiles. My problem is this
sentence in documentation :
"""The cache honors backend's Cache-Control, Expires, and etc since
version 0.7.48"""[1]

I saw that we're supposed to be able to override some headers, like
"expires" with proxy_ignore_headers[2], but it doesn't seem to work.

OSM has an expires set to 3 hours. I'd like to keep tiles for 5 days, so I have:
  proxy_ignore_client_abort on;
  proxy_ignore_headers "Expires" "X-Accel-Expires";
  proxy_cache_valid  200 302  7d;
  proxy_cache_valid  404      1m;

But it seems my cache is really reseted each 3 hours (for now there
isn't many traffic on this vhost, it's just a proof of concept for a

Did I miss something in the documentation ? if so, what ?
Maybe I don't use the right configuration, too. Any hints ?

Thank you !

Best regards,



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