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Sat May 15 18:14:20 MSD 2010

1) native porting of nginx on windows.
2) single process mode.
3) windows service supported.
4) iocp event method.
5) file aio.
6) zlib-1.2.3. (statically link)
7) pcre-7.9. (statically link)
8) using configure to build the binary on cygwin.

1) bugfix: the ngwsx could not run without vc 2008.
                 now we use configure to build the binary on cygwin,
                 and linking with vc2008's static library.
3) change: zlib-1.2.3. (statically link)
4) change: pcre-7.9. (statically link).
5) feature: file aio.

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