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> Betreff: URL rewrites - IBM Lotus Domino

> Hi
> I have some (wierd) URLs that i need to redirect to a new site. Problem is
> that original site is made with IBM Lotus Domino and URLs are somewhat 
> "funny".
> My problem is how should i made these redirections to nginx configuration,
> here is couple examples:
> http://www.isku.fi/iskuasp/interiorweb.nsf/sp?Open&action=openproduct&lang=fin&id=A47E5D15953F2602C22576340
> need's to go -> http://www.iskuinterior.fi
> Okay that was easiest one, because i have these kind of URLS too:
> http://www.isku.lt/IskuASP/interiorweb.nsf/sp2?Open&secondNavinf=Eng\Navi\Products\Desks%20and%20tables&secondNavinfa=o&action=openproduct&id=4798A4EB88F4D451C22576690&lang1=eng&P%C3%B6yd%C3%A4t|Ty%C3%B6p%C3%B6yd%C3%A4t|Matrix%20Y
>  should goto:
> http://www.iskuinterior.fi/interior/actions/customer_base/product/ProductView.action?productId=210228&returnUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iskuinterior.fi%3A80%2Finterior%2Factions%2Fisku_interior%2Fproduct%2FProductFamilySearch.action%3FproductFamilyId%3D46275
> Problem is that some URLs that i got are escaped like: 
> http://www.isku.fi%2FiskuAsp%2Finteriorweb.nsf%2Fsp%3Fopen%26cid%3Dindexfin&ei=p77fS8DxMt2gOMHShfEI&usg=AFQjCNFkPJRA5VvhQ5qs2A1FBU2cH1Y6Fg&sig2=vOXFzYS0xyyqS_iQ2DIIFA
> Should goto:
> http://www.iskuinterior.fi
> Should i just give up and tell customer that its a nogo... My head hurts 
> already.... 
You first need to understand how Domino is producing those URLs before you can even think of doing a mapping in Nginx.

Domino in general works with:
* UNID (Universal ID. Should be unique in a Domino domain)
* NoteID (should be unique per database)
* Replication ID (should be unique per Domino domain)

Domino has many ways to represent a URL for the same thing. For example:
* http://www.isku.lt/IskuASP/interiorweb.nsf?OpenDataBase
* http://www.isku.lt/IskuASP/interiorweb?OpenDataBase
* http://www.isku.lt/IskuASP/<replication id>?OpenDataBase
* http://www.isku.lt/<replication id>?OpenDataBase

All the above could open the same database.

Then after the database you can address many different things:
<database>/<view|document|page|folder|outline|frameset|agent|webservice|xpages|image resource|file resource|Lotuscript library|Javascript library|etc>?<action>

And most of those things after the database can be either a name (like "sp" in your case) or a UNID or an alias or or or...

You can off course write mappings for that. But your customer needs to tell you what needs to be mapped to what. Your customer can impossibly expect you to know all the combinations. He is the one who needs to tell you what to do. After you have that list, writing the rewrites in Nginx is easy.

> Terveisin/Regards,
>    Pekka Panula, Sofor Oy - Jatkuvat palvelut

// Steve
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