nginx rewrite bug

val lee qvallee at
Thu May 20 19:02:14 MSD 2010

nginx version:0.8.37
I write:
rewrite ^/page([0-9]+)-t([a-zA-Z]+)-g([0-9]+)-t([0-9]+)-a([0-9]+)-s([0-9]+)-p([0-9]+)-t([0-9]+)-o(.+)-w(.*)\.html$

$10 is rewrited $1 and 0.Don't nginx supports $10 or $11....?
But i see

Nginx rewrite rules for XtraUpload:
if (!-e $request_filename) {
# New Rewrite Rules for total site SEO
rewrite ^/(.*)/(.*)_(.*)/(.*)_(.*)/(.*)_(.*)/(.*)_(.*)/(.*)_(.*)/index\.htm$
/$1.php?$2=$3&$4=$5&$6=$7&$8=$9&$10=$11 last;

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