NGiNX_HTTP_Push_Module clients not receiving messages

Min Huang mhuang at
Sat May 22 03:31:40 MSD 2010


I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I am kindly requesting
help with the http push module.  It seems to sporadically not send responses
to long polling JavaScript clients.  In the wild, I have clients who start
the long poll, but then never receive messages from the publisher no matter
how many POSTs are sent.  Aborting the XMLHttpRequest and then
re-establishing the long poll seems to work.

In my error logs, I can find this:

2010/05/20 23:49:33 [error] 5593#0: push module: worker 5593 intercepted a
message intended for another worker process (913) that probably died

Which I assume may be the problem; perhaps the worker died and then never
closed the connection?  I could not reproduce this problem in a controlled
environment, but exhausting the number of workers available in the
worker_connections directive caused the symptoms to re-appear:  long polling
clients do not receive messages until they re-establish the long poll.

Here is my relevant information; any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in

nginx 0.7.65
nginx_http_push_module 0.692

events {
    worker_connections 1024;

http {

    keepalive_timeout  1;

    server {

        location /publish {
            set $push_channel_id $arg_id;

            push_store_messages off;

    server {

        location /subscribe {
            set $push_channel_id $arg_id;

            push_subscriber_concurrency broadcast;
            push_authorized_channels_only off;

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