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Wed May 26 10:35:53 MSD 2010


I have this one very popular site configured go thru nginx reverse proxy 
and its so popular that it takes lots of bandwidth and we are now need to 
limit traffic.

It seems there is limit modules in nginx but examples are per user limit, 
but that does not help us because thats the problem here, several hundred 
thousands users are requesting one particular xml file. So i think 
limiting per user limit does not limit bandwidth at all, i need to limit 
request to that one file per all users. So any help can i use nginx limit 
zone or req_limit_zone in this case, is there some $session_variable what 
i can use here instead of binary_remote_address?

   Pekka Panula, Sofor Oy - Jatkuvat palvelut
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