gzip on 7.65 not responding

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Wed May 26 19:03:58 MSD 2010

Thanks for the help.  Got it working this morning.  I did as Ryan suggested and found it was related to the gzip disable statement.  I added MSIE [1-6]\.(?!.*SV1) the () part to that statement and it works.

Ryan, we use such high compression because we are running on a machine with a lot of cpu overhead.  If the higher compression starts to put some pressure on the CPU we will lower it and I appreciate the reminder about that.  

Do you do any type of caching with the proxy and if so, have you had any issues?  We would like to cache our dynamic asp pages but have been cautious because of viewstate and sessions.

Finally, do you use more than one backend server and if so have you found a good resolution to the Etag issue. I have tried many of the IIS6 options I found online with no result.  I am getting tempted to block the Etag header at the proxy level at this point.


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