Maintenance page and localhost access

Mathew Davies thepixeldeveloper at
Thu May 27 23:53:29 MSD 2010

Use the $remote_addr variable to check against the local IP address, if the
visitor isn't local, then send a 503 maintenance page. The 503 code is
important so search engines wont mark the website as dead.

On 22 May 2010 00:31, Ian M. Evans <ianevans at> wrote:

> As I prepare to test some changes related to the "0day exploit" thread, I
> thought I'd set up a maintenance page block so I could do the testing.
> Just realized though that the maintenance block examples take the site down
> for everyone.
> How do you serve the maintenance page to visitors will still allowing
> localhost access.
> Should I just create a new server block listening on another port and deny
> all, allow
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