Dynamic Upstream Provider List

Joshua Jonah josh at collabrestate.com
Mon May 31 20:09:47 MSD 2010

I do this by overwriting a conf included file and gracefully restarting, 
how often are you expecting this to change?

On 31/05/10 11:34 AM, rovar wrote:
> I am working on a load balancing system where the upstream providers need to change at runtime. The available peer group will be routed either by a hash, or by round robin, but the size of the peer group might change between any request.
> The easy way seems to be to bypass the upstream http functionality altogether and simply return the appropriate peer from the callback in r->upstream->peer.get
> Will this work?
> Does something else already do this?
> If not, what is a more idiomatic way to write this module?
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