upstream using header value

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Mon May 31 20:43:28 MSD 2010

On Monday, May 31, 2010, Weibin Yao <nbubingo at> wrote:
> My module can do similar thing for your need. But my module uses the cookie to dispatch the requests.

Do you know of any Debian/ubuntu packages which include your module?
Obviously I can build from source, but widely-used packages are so
much easier from an operational standpoint. Auditors like them too...

For that matter, what is the process for a module like this getting
into mainline nginx? I would think that nginx->Tomcat is a common use
case based on the number of questions in this forum, and most
Servlet-based applications which run on Tomcat require sticky sessions
based on session cookie (source IP isn't reliable in a mobile device


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