nginx under Ubuntu 10.10 - 403,404 errors

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Thu Nov 4 03:41:27 MSK 2010

On 3 Nov 2010 11h09 WET, john at wrote:

> This is probably just something simple I've forgotten, but it's
> foxing me...

> I've been using nginx for years in its various incarnations for
> years now, on Debian and Ubuntu. I've just installed Ubuntu 10.10,
> and installed nginx from the repository. I try out
> 'http://localhost/' and instead of the normal 'Welcome to nginx'
> message, I get 'Forbidden' (the 403 error). So, I create a little
> test.html file in the nginx directory (/var/www/nginx-default) and
> try to access that. I get a 404 not found error. Nothing I've done
> so far has got me past these 403 and 404 errors. Is this some
> permissions error, in which case what do I have to do? nginx is
> running as user 'www-data' (by default). Changing this to root
> didn't help.

What do the logs say?

--- appa

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