nginx under Ubuntu 10.10 - 403,404 errors

Phil Bayfield phil at
Thu Nov 4 13:31:02 MSK 2010

The Ubuntu repository version works fine.
It seams to be the default behaviour to chuck various 403/404 if you don't
try and load an invalid file, but if you do it should work.

On 4 November 2010 09:13, John Moore <john at> wrote:

> Thanks for the responses. For some reason my message took ages to appear in
> the list, by which point I'd solved the problem myself by doing 'sudo apt
> remove nginx' and reinstalling by building from source instead (albeit
> 0.7.65 instead of 0.7.67). I assume there is some kind of quirk in the
> Ubuntu 10.10 repository version, it's certainly not something I'd seen
> before. Now all pages are served as expected.
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