How to add nginx to /etc/init.d list

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Sat Nov 6 02:04:16 MSK 2010

On 5 Nov 2010 22h48 WET, vfclists at wrote:

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> I compiled nginx from source and I am launching it with
> /usr/local/nginx/bin/nginx.

> How is the source compilation added to the /etc/init.d list?

You need and init script. Grab the one from the Debian package, for
example.  I suggest you grab the full debian package source and also
check the postinst script for an implementation of a script that does
version upgrade the proper way, i.e., without downtime. Otherwise
you'll have to send the correct signals to the running process in the
correct order.


--- appa

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