Configuration for running fastcgi as different users

Frank Church vfclists at
Sat Nov 6 04:15:07 MSK 2010

When I look at the nginx examples involving php-fastcgi or spawn-fcgi
running in /etc/init.d I get the impression that they are for the main nginx
process running as the www-data user.

The CGI process linked to a port is also linked to a particular user.

Does that mean that if different users are to run their fastcgi in their
home folders with their own user permissions like Apache's suexec  a
separate fastcgi in /etc/init.d must be created for them?

The other point is the master user runs as the www-data user. Does this mean
that all file permissions must be at must be readable by the 'other' user?

Is it possible to have multiple master processes running as different users
on different ports, ie not just 'user= www-data' in the main nginx.conf
file, using different nginx.conf files concurrently?

Frank Church

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