Proxy to backend responding with transfer-encoding chunked results in wrong content type

John Axel Eriksson john at
Sun Nov 7 23:36:53 MSK 2010

I'm currently proxying riak ( using nginx with great success. Now, however,
I also need to proxy to luwak (for large files support in riak). The luwak interface responds with
transfer-encoding: chunked and for some reason, when nginx passes this on, the content-type
automatically becomes application/octet-stream. I'm running nginx 0.8.52. Tried with turning
proxy_buffering off and using chunked_transfer_encoding on; among other things but I always
get the same result, i.e application/octet-stream. Not so when making a GET request directly to
luwak OR making a HEAD request to either luwak or nginx.

Should it be possible to do what I want using nginx and am I then doing something wrong or is there
something missing in nginx to make this work?

Thanks for your time!

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