upstream for load balance

Abioy Sun abioy.sun at
Mon Nov 8 13:04:32 MSK 2010

hi all,

I use nginx for load balance with the following configuration.

------------------------- configuration -------------------------
... ...
upstream backend_pool {
... ...
location / {
 ... ...
 proxy_pass http://backend_pool;
------------------------- configuration -------------------------

The backend services require single sign-on on another host M, and jumping
back after SSO.  But when I use the fastcgi parameter $host in the jump back
url, I get the string "backend_pool" and the jump back url turns out to be
something like "http://backend_pool?params=abcd&token=efgh<http://backend_pool/?params=abcd&token=efgh>".
can not recognize the host "backend_pool", so the connection fails.

I try to dig out what happens via access log and found that the $host
parameter in access log of backend host turn out to be "backend_pool".

Is it a bug or a design for some certain purpose? How could I got the
correct host?


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