Gridfs on a sub-domain with nginx-gridfs module

Srirang Doddihal om.brahmana at
Wed Nov 10 14:25:28 MSK 2010


I want to use the Nginx-Gridfs module to server some static files, images to
be precise, from GridFS. The examples in the ReadMe show how to set up paths
for GridFS but I was unable to find a way to map a subdomain to GridFS, i.e.
if I have as my main domain then I would like to map to GridFS. Images will be uploaded to GridFS through my
Rails app.

How do I tell the Nginx server or the Nginx-GridFS module to do this

I am not sure if this is a question for this forum or the MongoDB forum and
hence I posted the same question in both places. Sorry if this is the wrong
place and also for cross-posting.

Thank you.


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