Do you know howto setup mailman+nginx+fcgiwrap+ubuntu/debian?, was: Bug in NginxHttpFcgiModule's fastcgi_split_path_info

Igor Sysoev igor at
Thu Nov 11 21:22:08 MSK 2010

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 06:12:31PM +0000, Mark Alan wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 05:35:46 +0300,francis at wrote:
> > Hi there,
> Hi Francis,
> I thank you for your attempt at trying to help me.
> This problem reminds me of a similar one that was debated in this list
> a few months ago regarding Nginx config to serve Drupal.
> It was a mess (mostly because the Drupal way of doing things).
> And then Igor Sysoev committed 'try_files' to Nginx and
> things just got more manageable.
> >At first glance, it looks to me as if nginx is doing exactly what you
> >told it to. I suspect that a small reconfiguration of mailman will work
> >for you.
> Well, the truth is that Mailman works out of the box using Apache on
> Ubuntu/Debian Linux, using a config file
> named /etc/mailman/apache.conf, which includes these lines:
>   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/mailman/ /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailman/
>   Alias /pipermail/ /var/lib/mailman/archives/public/
>   Alias /images/mailman/ /usr/share/images/mailman/
> I have tried many changes to both my nginx config file and to mailman's
> And, for instance, it almost does the job by just using:
> 	root /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailman/;
> 	location = / {
> 		rewrite ^ /listinfo last;
> 	}
> 	location /cgi-bin/mailman/ {
> 		rewrite ^ /$args;
> 	}
> But there are administrative areas that still do not work.
> After an extensive search in the web, it seems that this same problem
> surfaces from time to time and those who ask for help, either stop
> using Nginx to serve Mailman, or just abandon the thread were they
> asked for help in the first place.
> It must be possible, as Nginx's own mailing lists are
> managed by Mailman (although under FreeBSD).
> But, as of Nov.2011, I have not found a single site with clear
> instructions on howto setup a fully working Mailman using Ubuntu/Debian
> + Nginx + fcgiwrap (or any other cgi wrapper).
> >To make things work for you, you could probably try a new "location
> >/cgi-bin/ {}" block which rewrites to the same url without the
> >"/cgi-bin" at the start.
> I have already tried many combinations of that, but without
> achieving a *fully* working setup.
> >...remove the string "/cgi-bin" from two lines up there. (And you could
> >probably even remove the "/mailman" too.)
> Done that too, but also without success.
> > Your nginx is not configured to serve from the /cgi-bin urls, but is
> > from the others.
> I agree, but having spent more than a few hours running in circles, I do
> not know what else to change.
> Sometimes Igor or Maxim just kick in and are able to sort it out.
> > (Note: I haven't tested any of this.)
> But at least you tried to help and did take the time to share your
> ideas, and for that I thank you.

Please look this:

Igor Sysoev

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