URL Redirect Problems

fwKilo nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Nov 12 21:06:51 MSK 2010

Thank you for the advice, Francis. I do own both websites and they exist
on the same server. I'll try to clarify in what I'm trying to achieve. I
want the URL to stay the same in the browser (which would be
"http://proxy.mysite.com/tango") but display all of the content display
from "http://bravo.mysite.com" and also be able to view other content on
that page. There are frankly, way too many links for me to change in
order to do this, so I thought I'd do it with nginx. So when a user
visits "http://proxy.mysite.com/tango", they stay on that URL, but
they're actually on "http://bravo.mysite.com/" and could surf that site

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