How to convert PDF to TEXT on Mac

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How to convert PDF to TEXT on Mac
Although the PDF is highly dynamic and robust format, there are times
when the super advanced features of the PDF are unnecessary-sometimes
all you need is plain text. Text files can even be used for simplifying
your work on a daily basis. Working with simple blocks of text allows
you to easily assemble PowerPoint presentations, create publishing
material or paste text into Word documents. To solve your problem, you
need to PDF to TEXT  Mac.
Converting PDF to Text
PDF convert for Mac is a simple PDF to Text converter that lets you
convert PDF to TEXT Mac.PDF Converter for
Mac can extract text from pdf files, It processes at very high speed and
you can convert multiple pdf files to text files mac at one time. It can
Keeps original page layout when convert pdf to text on mac.
The features of PDF converter for Mac
Good Preservation
High Efficiency
Encrypted PDF Files Conversion
Flexible Options
Easy to Use
High Compatibility
Support Adobe PDF 1.0-1.7
Support Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
Available on Mac OS X 10.5-10.6
Standalone, do not require Adobe Reader or Acrobat or Microsoft Office
for Mac

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