websocket proxying module questions

rezajelveh nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Nov 19 15:32:32 MSK 2010


I'm wondering if it's possible to make a module for proxying websockets
for nginx.

I read http://www.evanmiller.org/nginx-modules-guide.html#proxying  ...
>From what I understand nginx normally works like this:
1. keep connection with client
2. connect to proxy and make request
3. do something else
4. get response from proxy and reply to client

Now, a websocket connection will drop when it issues the upgrade command
to nginx. A couple of questions
1. Does nginx need a persistent connection per client with the proxy to
do websocket proxying?
2. For proper websocket proxying would the proxy rather have to be a
gateway or tunneling proxy in nature?
3. If 2 holds, does that even fit into the nginx architecture?

I know there is handshake issues with draft 76, but assuming I ignore
them, is it possible to implement a websocket proxy to nginx?
If so, can anyone give me some hints on how to do that? If not what
would be the alternative? If I were to build a websocket module
for nginx, that does all the handshaking inside nginx, how would the
backend notify nginx that there's new data available?


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