question about sched_ule and sched_4bsd

Stefanita Rares Dumitrescu katmai at
Sun Nov 21 02:40:03 MSK 2010

ok guys i have something very puzzling:

i am using 

i upgraded the system from freebsd7, and on my old freebsd7 system, i 
was running SCHED_4BSD. the server worked rather ok, however, when i 
switched to bsd 8.1, i decided to try sched_ule, and bummer, the server 
load was shooting through the roof, the php-cgi processes were almost 
constantly in RUN state, and basically the system was unusable for heavy 

i am talking about a dual xeons / 16 gb ram machine here.

anyway i recompiled the kernel, and got back to SCHED_4BSD, but i would 
just want to know if anyone has any experience and advice with this, and 
why the schedulers performance difference.


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