Geoip redirect but exclude a specific directory

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Mon Nov 22 23:34:27 MSK 2010


I`m using the method described in here to redirect people with specific
ips to locations

http {
keepalive_timeout 65;
geoip_country /usr/local/etc/geo/GeoIP.dat ;

# these are the GeoIP exceptions for your site
geo $mygeo {
default 0;
bla/19 1;
blu/16 1;

then, in the server block:

location / {
include proxy-lcb-lt.conf;
if ($geoip_country_code = "US") {
proxy_pass http://prod;
# these are the exceptions, defined in nginx.conf:
if ($mygeo = "1") {
proxy_pass http://prod;

Problem is the administrator of the site is from one of the countries
that gets redirected so he cant access the administration section of the
site instead he gets redirected to another place.

How can i exclude the directory "admin" from the above geoip redirection

Thanks for any suggestion.

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