Potential Contract Development Work

brainjuice nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Nov 24 02:04:54 MSK 2010

Thanks for the clarification of the abstraction on protocol extensions
within the MAIL module.

For my specific purposes, I am seeking to be able to hide special
folders (always labeled the same) that are used for administrative
purposes in mailboxes.  I don't believe that this requires statefulness
from connection to connection but rather the ability to watch for
specific IMAP commands requests (as is already the case) and modify the
behavior and/or intercept the results and manipulate them slightly
before returning the modified upstream response.

Regarding modifying NGINX code, I appreciate the concept of
encapsulating the changes needed as much as possible. As I provided in
my example (which originally contained no COPY command) I believe the
desired construct exists for what I am wanting to do but I just don't
have the skills to effectively complete the task. So, my hope is to see
if there are others that would be served by a more generalized
abstraction model with the MAIL module and/or are there developers out
there willing to help with this project.

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