Streaming using ngix to serve videos and audio OGG files whitout problems whit package

Victor Terán elalcon89 at
Wed Nov 24 17:42:15 MSK 2010

Good morning every one, I am interested in serve audio and video streaming
to the internet using Nginx. In this moment I have been local test serving
the files after modified the mime-types config file adding the line
"video/ogg  ogg" and I can watch it using HTML5 tag video in firefox,
chrome, chromium and opera. But I am having some troubles whit some files in
firefox, I do not know if is a problem in the moment of serve the video,
because firefox stop in the 4 second of one of them, and then I can not
serve from another moment of the video, In opera and chrome the video do not
stop, and I can choice another second to begin the play of the file. I think
that if I configure nginx to serve the videos using a udp port and not the
80 port I could solvent this failure because the package not go to be check,
and then firefox do not go to be confuse in the moment of the play. The
question is, How could I configure nginx to serve using another port?.

Since now, Thank for any help that you could give me.

Victor Terán.
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