nginx 0.8.25 on an Xen VPS - Ubuntu.

Eric A. lists at
Wed Nov 24 19:03:51 MSK 2010

Robert Gabriel wrote in post #868145:
> Robert Gabriel wrote:
>> Hello, I just build nginx from source on a new VPS based on Xen. The
>> system is running Ubuntu.
>> The build was fine also the installation, but when starting it, the
>> workers are not starting and have this error in error_log:
>> eventfd() failed (38: Function not implemented)
>> worker process 2345 exited with fatal code 2 and can not be respawn
>> Can anyone tell me whats the problem?
> Never mind, my fault :D
> I found the problem!

And what was the problem, and how did you work around the solution 
Robert Gabriel?

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