Setting of the connection limit of an individual server.

Ichiro nginx-forum at
Wed Aug 3 01:14:56 UTC 2011

This is Ichiro.

I installed EY Balancer Module.
So I looked like to be finished this problem.
This problem seemed to be over.

However, a problem occurred one more...

The queue beyond max_connections is kept waiting forever.
I tuned up ”max_connections_module.c", but behavior does not change.

Can you throw away connection beyond the "max_connections" to

upstream {
server; <- 1 conn/sec
server; <- 1 conn/sec
max_connections 1

    if (conf == NULL) return NGX_CONF_ERROR;
    max_connections_rr_index = 0;
    conf->max_connections = 1;
    conf->max_queue_length = 10; /* default max queue length 10000 */
    conf->queue_timeout = 10;  /* default queue timeout 10 seconds */
    return conf;


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