Load balancing Oracle Forms 11g Backends - Very slow performance!

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Wed Aug 3 14:24:13 UTC 2011

> The bad part: the application's performance is unusable slow. Is there any way to speed up the performance? Are there modules i 
> should use when load balancing a java application?
> I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

How do you measure the performance or how do you decide it is slow?

Does the 'Oracle forms 11g application' in standalone mode work faster than in combination with nginx?

In short lets say if the application can handle 1 request per second then balancing 2 backends won't magically make more requests 
per second possible than two. If you can't speed the application nginx can't solve it for you other ways than introducing more 
backends to loadbalance or caching the responses (proxy/fastcgi cache) to avoid hitting the backend at all.

Of course if each app can handle 1000 requests and with the balancing suddenly it drops down to 100 there is some bottleneck. But 
for starters at least your nginx config would be needed.


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