Generating redirects to internal named locations

Dave Hayes dave at
Wed Aug 10 06:28:09 UTC 2011

Alexandr Gomoliako <zzz at> writes:
> On 8/8/11, Dave Hayes <dave at> wrote:
>> If I have several location blocks in a server block, and I want to use
>> just one location block that has my fastcgi definitions for perl (hence
>> @perl), are you recommending I just duplicate all the configuration
>> in each location block that needs to redirect to perl?
>> Did I get that right? :)
> Yes, you got that right :)
> Avoiding abstractions is a good thing here. Less likely to stumble on
> a bug, easier to read later, etc.

Interesting. I would like to learn more about why you think this is a
best practice. Please don't misread, this is not a criticism. I am quite
curious about any new way of thinking that goes exactly opposite to
established ideas.

In this case, many software developers will tell you that factoring out
common lines of configuration as I have suggested prevents bugs and is
easier to read.

In my example above, if I misconfigure the perl section, I only have to
fix it in one place. If I do it the way you suggest, pasting that
configuration into 20 different location blocks, I have to fix any
configuration bug in 20 places. If I change one location slightly, 
it may be hard to spot that there's a bug in that location.

Maybe I am misunderstanding your rationale? :)
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