Question about the timezone

Sharl.Jimh.Tsin amoiz.shine at
Sat Aug 13 14:28:15 UTC 2011

     i have a question about the System TimeZone,i have a Server with 
CentOS 5,its previous timezone is UTC timezone,and nginx use it as 
default timezone.
now today i changed the timezone to CST(+8) of Asia/Shanghai by modify 
the /etc/localtime file and the tzselect command.beside that,i also 
export the TZ var as "Asia/Shanghai".

but,after i restarted the nginx,i found that nginx still use the OLD UTC 

even,i define the timezone at nginx.conf with "env TZ=Asia/Shanghai",but 
no work.

Why?Can someone help me?Thanks~

Best regards,
Sharl.Jimh.Tsin (From China *Obviously Taiwan INCLUDED*)

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