Nginx: conditional "expires" directive

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Tue Aug 16 11:33:24 UTC 2011

On 16 Ago 2011 12h14 WEST, nginx-forum at wrote:

> I wanted to create if block for expires directive, but it's not
> allowed in if context.
> Like that:
> if($args ~ "no_caching=1") {
> expires      epoch;
> }
> Is it somehow possible to create this in any other way?
> I need nginx to change expire header to epoch when simple $_GET
> param no_cache=1 is in present.

You can try using the map directive:

map $args $caching_expires {
    default 30d;
    ~no_caching=1 epoch;

location /whatever {
   expires $caching_expires;      

I haven't tried it myself. 

--- appa

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