does nginx serialize SCGI requests?

Igor Sysoev igor at
Tue Aug 16 14:48:20 UTC 2011

On Aug 16, 2011, at 18:34 , nginx_zurich wrote:

> I am a happy user of mod_scgi. 
> For the in-house web apps we develop, concurrent overlapping requests
> involving SCGI have been a non-issue sofar. This would change for sure
> as soon as the web apps are exposed to the internet.
> But in our custom SCGI backend resp. the application logic written in
> Lua, almost no provision for locking shared resources such as files open
> for writing exists sofar. 
> Thus my question: is nginx serializing concurrent SCGI requests for me,
> buffering subsequent requests as long as a pending request is not
> finished by the SCGI server/backend? Or do I have to bite the bullet and
> implement locking etc. in the face of concurrent requests?

nginx does not serialize requests.

Igor Sysoev

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