Getting rid of "Welcome to nginx"

Joakim nginx-forum at
Tue Aug 16 20:13:25 UTC 2011

Hi Mathias,

Thanks for your answer. That won't do it unfortunately. Also tried
moving the "try_files" param out of the "location /" bracket - no luck
with that either.

What I did when setting up Nginx was following the instructions in the
/etc/nginx/sites-available/default config file. So I created my new file
containing the above config in "/etc/nginx/sites-available/local" and
made a symlink to it in "etc/nginx/sites-enabled".

I then restarted Nginx. I've messed around with the settings in my
"local" file and seen PHP stopped working completely, so I know that
Nginx actually are loading my config, but just ignore to call my
index.php when the URL ends with / or /index.php...

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