nginx linux packages

Sergey Budnevitch sb at
Thu Aug 25 08:51:16 UTC 2011

On 24.08.2011, at 18:47, ben at wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 13:22:58 +0400, Sergey Budnevitch wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  We have created apt and yum repositories for nginx users on Linux.
>> They are available on
>> for CentOS/RHEL 5 and 6,  Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian 6. There are plans
>> to update packages as soon
>> as new stable nginx versions are released.
> Hi,
> There are already "official" packages for Debian, and therefore also Ubuntu..
> What is the difference?

  All these packages was built with same configure options, with
all standard modules (except modules depend on additional
libraries like geoip or xslt) and without third-party modules.
  Each linux distribution has own release cycle, own policy,
so we have several native nginx packages for major
linux distribution built with different options and sometimes
quite old. It is convenient to build last stable version of
nginx with same parameters and with most of standard modules,
first of all from support point of view both for us and, i hope,
for nginx users.
  As for debian and ubuntu you need to switch to unstable
or backports repository to get a fresh nginx version and this is not
what most users want,  for example, on production.
  Nevertheless nobody intend to compete with linux packagers,
these package are not "better" then official ones, they are more predictable

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