Incorrect $request_filename in 1.0.5?

Roger Smith nginx-forum at
Sat Aug 27 23:21:37 UTC 2011

Hi, I've recently compiled nginx 1.0.5 on localhost (debian), and have
set up a test site so that i may access it http://testsite in the
browser (set "testsite" to in /etc/hosts and an nginx server
config with root /var/www/testsite;)

i've been having some problems with some rewrites, and started pushing
some of nginx vars out to php as fastcgi_param's to troubleshoot. i've
noticed that $request_filename is incorrect. it's showing as
"/var/www/testsiteindex.php" when accessing http://testsite/foo/bar/
(which is being redirected to index.php?q=foo/bar/).

i'm not sure if it's my set up as I'm fairly new at this!


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