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Sun Aug 28 21:48:46 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I have run nginx on OpenBSD for several years without problems. Recently
I upgraded to a new OpenBSD and with that to a new nginx. I went from
nginx 0.7.64 to 0.8.53p5
nginx still works but I ran into a problem: nginx listens on
localhost:10080. I use firewall rules to get my traffic there. For some
reason 0.8.53 sometimes adds the portnumber to an URL resulting in error
messages. I found a work around but that is not an acceptable final
solution as it is very difficult to update everything and the problem
will likely re-appear in the future.

The details:
server {
    listen       localhost:10080;

  location ^~ /pfstat {
    root   /var/mine/data;
    index  index.html index.htm index.php;
    autoindex on;

If a html file on the server contains <A HREF="pfstat"> I get a message
that the connection to nginx was denied and the URL displayed in the
browser is changed into something like (the
port on which nginx listens is added). If the html file on the server
contains <A HREF="pfstat/"> (additional '/' at the end) everything works
OK (the 10080 is NOT added to the URL). This problem only exists when
referring to a directory, references to a file work normally (<A

Can anybody shed some light on this. 
Has anything been changed in this area? 


Ps: It is not an option to update all html files to include a trailing
'/' in case of references to a folder. This is not only a lot of work it
probably also involves modifying other peoples pages.

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