Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Aug 29 15:48:45 UTC 2011

Hi everyone, i am pleased to announce a new major release of the uWSGI project.

The 0.9.9 version focuses on optimizations in various area, an improved spooler and native gevent support.

A new python-specific feature is the 'pyshell': adding --pyshell to your options will run a python shell
in the uwsgi environment (useful for testing the uwsgi api).

The rack plugin has been improved and the old-sharedarea has been revamped to support 64bit.

Pump (an alternative to WSGI) support has been added, it is only a bunch of lines, so do not flame about it :)

A new Emperor mode, called Tyrant, is available for highly-untrusted environments.

This is the first release linkable as a shared library (will be the base for pypy support). Look
at skel.c in source distribution for an example.

* Changelog for  0.9.9 [20110829]

- various spooler improvements
- upload progress optimizations and fixes
- new emperor mode: Tyrant


- allows multiple --ini options
- better binary path detection
- gevent loop engine support


- resolve domain names in socket logging
- snmp fixes and reintroduction of the snmp-api
- fixed grunt mode
- you can specify build profile via env var UWSGI_PROFILE
- reintroduction of string-based multiapp
- new option --emperor-throttle
- improved queue and sharedarea subsystems


- uWSGI can now be built as a shared library
- new api attribute: uwsgi.magic_table
- improved apache2 module
- new option --pyshell
- allow threads in gateways
- fastrouter improvements


- the application list is now shared and exported to the api
- allows setting the thread stack size
- UWSGI_APPID for better multiapp hosting


- better reloading in lazy mode
- native pump support


- various rack fixes
- support for attaching binary data in the executable
- new option --set
- extreme-optimized http protocol parser
- WSGI handler optimizations

You can download it from:



pip install uwsgi

Many thanks to all the people helping in the project.
Remember to ping me for adding you in the CONTRIBUTORS file.

Roberto De Ioris
JID: roberto at jabber.unbit.it

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