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Tue Aug 30 21:35:09 UTC 2011


We have a very specific use case and are trying to find a solution for it.
We started looking at nginx as a possibility for handling this use case as
we already use nginx for some of our other webserver duties. I've done some
testing and investigation but it doesn't seem like we can use nginx to do
what we want. However I thought I'd check with the community before
dismissing it completely.

What we want is a fire and forget solution for request handling, where we
can set up nginx to receive a request from our web servers, pass this
request on to an external HTTP service or an HTTP backend and send a 200
response back straight away to the requesting machine, leaving the original
request to be handled at whatever speed the backend is capable of. We don't
care about the response from the backend server; this can simply be dropped
once it's received.

Is something like the above possible? I did some testing by setting nginx up
as a load balancer, pointing at a backend web server, and using the "return"
directive before the proxy_pass directive but the return directive simply
stops further execution of the request.

Any advice would be welcome.

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