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Thu Dec 1 04:26:08 UTC 2011


First of all thank you for this forum which I have just joined.  

I have set up nginx and have it working very well for the past month or
so.  However I have faced this problem for the second time now.  The
last time it happened I had to power down and re-start the machine and
it was ok.

I am running Nginx and PHP-FastCGI connecting to Oracle 10g on Ubuntu
Lucid Lynx (10.04 LTS) installed on VirtualBox 4.1.6.  It works well and
like it better than Apache.  Except for the two times that it has died
on me, I have had no issues.  And I think that happened (not sure), when
I made a mistake in PHP and tried to browse it.  I make tons of mistakes
and it is ok all the time -- except of course for these two
comparatively rare occurences.

The error takes the form of a blank white screen with '404 Not Found' in
bold across the top.  Then there is a dividing line running from left to
right and just below that in small font 'nginx/1.0.10'.

Restarting Nginx does not help.  Nor does replacing the index.php page
with a simple call.

Any idea what this is or what I maybe doing wrong? 

Thank you very much!

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