compile ngx_resty to statically link some libs?

dannynoonan nginx-forum at
Fri Dec 2 01:45:10 UTC 2011

To close out the thread, here's some shell snippets that produce an
nginx binary with libdrizzle statically liniked in:

curl | tar
-zxvf - 
cd ngx_openresty-
curl | tar
-zxvf - 

# build librizzle statically
(cd drizzle7-2011.07.21 && ./configure  --without-server 
--enable-static && make libdrizzle-1.0) 
find . -name libdrizzle.a  -exec cp {} . \;
export LIBDRIZZLE_INC=`pwd`/drizzle7-2011.07.21/libdrizzle-1.0/
export LIBDRIZZLE_LIB=`pwd`
./configure  --prefix=/data/local/nginx-resty- 

[david at dev-3 ngx_openresty-]$ ldd build/nginx-1.0.9/objs/nginx |
grep drizzle
[david at dev-3 ngx_openresty-]$ 


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